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    wbkanyashree.gov.in West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa Yojana/Scheme Application Form K1/K2 for Scholarship and One Time Grant for Girls in WB

    Kanyashree Plan will be Part of School Curricula: The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee said that the plan created for girls the Kanyashree scheme be made part of the school curriculum. According to the state government of WB till now 27 lakh girls are getting the benefits of Kanyashree Prakalpa Yojana. This information was provided by the CM of West Bengal state on the occasion of the Kanyashree Day. This plan also has been appreciated in London on the World Girls’ Day. It should be in the school curriculum. The beneficiaries’ girls should write about this scheme. This should be a lesson. Under the scheme between class 8th to class 12th girl student is given Rs. 750 per year and after reaching on the age of 18 years old they had provided Rs. 25000 one time installment.

    More than 50000 girls students have benefited from the kanyashree project: In the golden jubilee ceremony this year at Tamluk under the Purba Medinipur district situated Suvarna Jayanti Bhavan the district administration was provided grants / financial assistance to 50747 girls students under the the kanyashree prakalpa yojana. During the ceremony the students from class 5th to class 12th (50747 girl students) of 1058 school provided financial assistance under the kanyashree prakalpa scheme in which 43819 girl students were given Rs. 500 financial assistance with the one time payment Rs. 25000 grant to students was given. The kanyashree project powered by the state government of West Bengal is also being appreciated I the abroad, which is a matter of pride for the state. The main objective of this scheme is that in the absence of economic crises any girl could not have left his studies in mid-way.

    West Bengal government will help to make career of educated girls through the kanyashree yojana: After the success of kanyashree scheme by the West Bengal the government is going to expand the program to educate women so that they can get help to make their career and to earn a living. The women and child development and social welfare minister said that the in the coming months the government will focus on expanding the kanyashree prakalpa yojana so that the government can increase the participation of the girls and they can understand their needs, ambitions and help its own empowering looking for innovative ways to help. The West Bengal government started the welfare scheme kanyashree prakalpa scheme in 2013 for improving the situation of girls. It is a conditional cash transfer scheme. According to the official of department in the first half-year the scheme was focused for planning process to ensure effective implementation, capacity building of the enforcers and the coverage of the all eligible beneficiaries.

    After kanyashree prakalpa scheme government of West Bengal started yuvashree yojana: After starting the kanyashree yojana the West Bengal government also introduced the yuvashree scheme for unemployed youths registered in the employment exchange of state. Under the scheme, the educated unemployed youths whose names are registered in the employment exchange / office, the state government will provide them monthly Rs. 1500 (fifteen hundred rupees). This yuvashree scheme was introduced by the state government in year of 2013 and launched at Netaji Indoor Stadium of Metropolitan by the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. In this occasion the CM said that the 1-lakh youths registered in the employment exchange would be provided 1500 rupees in the first phase, which was distributed in the same year. The CM also said that this is not the unemployment allowance / berojgari bhatta. This scheme is only started to provide the assistance to the educated unemployed youths. In next line the she said that, nearly 1 crore people are unemployed in the West Bengal, while the state’s total population is around eight crore. So this scheme started to give them a motivation so that they can search job with no tension of money.

    Child laborers do not crave the education: In a recently conducted study on behalf of child rights organization revealed that the national capital territory of Delhi (NIC) 8044 children with the age of nearly 17 years old are working as labor in eight words. Of these, 87 percent children work as domestic helper and rest of 13 percent in small commercial units. Of these, 82 percent children say that if they get a chance, they will not even go to school. This truth has come out on behalf conducted a study by non-governmental organization “Save the Children” who work on the child rights. 92 percent of children working in domestic units have been enrolled in schools, of which 22 percent said they are not interested in education. On the bases of working children either not enrolled or they are not going in schools. Nearly 78 percent of children are aware of their free and compulsory education rights and they also aware that the child labor is illegal. Yet 92 percent of children said that they are happy with their work. After announcement of Nobel Prize to the Kailash Satyarthi who is working against child labor, the issue of children education has come at the center. According to the 2011 census, nearly 11.7 crore children laborers are working in India, which is more than any country figures. According to the report of the international labour organization, the global number of child laborers is not 16.8 crore, which is 11 percent of the total child population in the world. During the study found that the children are doing labour works in three district of Delhi, East Delhi, South Delhi and Southeast Delhi. In the eyes of the law under the age of 14 years is an offense to employ a child. Most children who work in the textile industry belongs to the Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. The 170 children were questioned, 102 of them are girls. More than 60 percent of children are working because their family income is enough to survive. On the bases of the most exploited child laborers. They work 12-14 hours and sleep at the same place. They only go home once or twice in a year. If any domestic helper got admission in the school in that case he / she has to work for 3-4 hours. If they are not enrolled in the school, they have to work complete day. As per approximately 92 percent of the working children attend school. Most children who work as the domestic help average Rs. 500 per month is paid. The 45 percent children working in the small commercial units get two thousand to five thousand rupees per month. The other 45 percent is given more than five thousand rupees. The studies revealed that the children are facing physical torture, reprimand or even cases of sexual harassment.

    Mamata completed 4 years, government is giving information about schemes now: Two tabalo were released by the through Information and Culture Department of West Bengal. In this Trinamool government the government decided to promote the achievements and plans of the state govt. Recently the state administrative authorities have been flagged to these tabalos. After completing 4 years of trinamool government in West Bengal the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made the plan for publicized all the schemes. On the other hand, the government decided to reach in public with the help of caste the crew. The government will reach to the public through the folk songs and folk dances. From the villages to cities everywhere the government is promoting their work. In the campaign through the tablo it is reported that the government scheme kanyashree prakalpa yoajan is appreciated by UN, many of the other countries and UNESCO. The government also granted land and house to the homeless people living in the West Bengal state. The government is also saying that the trinamool worked for the public interest. Through the tablo the govt. is telling that how they are working to provide help for farmers, students and each class of state.

    How to Apply for Kanyashree Prakalpa Yojana in West Bengal
    Here I am providing you information regarding to apply for the kanyashree prakalpa yojana in the west Bengal state. Through following the below given procedure you can submit your application in the department and can get the benefits of this scheme.

    The online official website of kanyashree prakalpa yojana department started the one time password (OTP) based login system facility in http://wbkanyashree.gov.in/ website. All the registered candidates can visit to the official portal, which is now upgraded to the Kanyashree Online 2.0 for login service. This website software was started from the 19 May 2015. If you are facing any problem or having any technical query you can contact to the helpdesk numbers of department or you can contact to the DPMU departmental person.

    About the Kanyashree Scheme of WB Govt:
    Under the West Bengal the Department of Department of Women Development and Social Welfare started the online website and scheme for the kanyashree prakalpa yojana which is a conditional cash transfer yojana by the state Government. This scheme has the main object to improve the schooling system for girls in the state and to increase the numbers of girl students. Through it the govt has the aim to increase the numbers of girl students in schools and can get the help in their education till their legal age of marriage. This is the state government sponsored scheme, which is started and implemented in the complete state and all the district of West Bengal

    Main Components of the Kanyashree:
    This scheme is parted in two sections as per the following mentioned below:

    Ø First is as the scholarship under which the girl students are provided Rs. 500 (five hundred rupees) per year.

    Ø Second is one time grant / payment of Rs. 25000 (twenty five thousand rupees) to the girls’ students.

    As per the rules and regulations the annual scholarship is given to the unmarried girls’ students from the age of 13 years old to the 18 years old (before the marriage), which they can get from the class 8th to 12th. This scholarship scheme is only given to the girls who are studying through any of the West Bengal state government recognized school / collage / educational institution on the regular bases or getting any equivalent course / training/ vocational guidance or technical course.

    Same as this the one time grant or payment is given to the girl student after she reached on the age of 18 years old. This is only given to those girls who are having their admission or enrollment in any of the West Bengal state government recognized school / collage / educational institution on the regular bases education or having the admission in any of the sports activity / vocational guidance or technical courses which must be registered under the JJ Act 2000.

    There's one more condition and eligibility criteria made by the welfare department under which the girl student must be having the annual income of Rs. 1.2 lakh from all the sources. This scholarship and one time amount is only provided to those girls who are having the complete family annual income as same of one lakh twenty thousand rupees. In case the girl is reserved under the physically handicapped (PH) category or she is not having parents the income bar is not applicable to her.

    Target of Kanyashree Scheme Beneficiary:
    The government has the main aim to cover all girls having the family income of 1.2 lakh rupees and having the age from 13 to 19 years old. The scheme is only provided to those girls’ students who are having their regular bases admission in school or collage. Also the girl who is studying through any of the registered educational institution, which is registered under the JJ Act is provided this scheme facility. To get the one time amount / grant the girl must be having the age 18 years as on the first April of year 2013. As per the official reports of department more than 18 lakh girl students are provided the scholarship benefits and more than 3.5 lakh girls are provided the benefits of one time grant.

    Required Documents List to Apply:
    Here I am providing you list of all required documents, which you have to attach with the application form to apply for the kanyashree prakalpa yojana in the West Bengal state:

    Ø First you need the declaration certificate that the girl student is yet unmarried and her family income is not more than 1.2 lakh rupees annual. The applicant’s guardian or inmate of JJ Home must issue the certificate.

    Ø In case the parents are not alive the applicant need the certificate or declaration of parents being deceased. This declaration must be signed through the guardian of applicant.

    Ø Applicant also required her proof of age which must be issued by the municipal corporation / birth and death registrar office or by the head of JJ Home. The student can use the declaration in place of birth certificate.

    Ø Applicant also have to attach the copy of institution enrollment which must be signed through the head master of school / collage or by the JJ Home. In case of PH category reservation girl students also have to attach the copy of that certificate.

    Ø Applicants also need the passport size photos, which they have to attach with the hard copy application form while the time of submitting request to get the benefits under the kanyashree prakalpa yojana in west Bengal.

    Authorized Department for Kanyashree Scheme:
    The declaration made by the applicant must be approved through the following department members:

    Ø Any of the group A / class 1 officer of west Bengal state government or any of the central / state government officer who is posted in the permanent residence area.

    Ø Can get the sign through MP (member of parliament) / MLA (member of legislature) of that area where the applicant is having permanent residence.

    Ø You also can get the certified the declaration through the councilor of your municipal are ward or through the gram pradhan of panchayat of your permanent residence area.

    Kanyashree Yojana Application Form to Download:
    There are two types of application form given to the girls as FORM K1 and FORM K2. The form K1 is used to get the benefits of annual scholarship scheme for schooling girls and form k2 is used to get the one time grant. Visit to the below given links to download your application form now:

    If you are not able to download these application forms don’t worry. These forms are also available through the secondary / higher secondary schools. You can visit to these schools nearest by you or in the JJ Homes to get the application form hard copy.

    Bank Account for Fund Receiving:
    The girl students also required the bank account. If any girl is not having the bank account yet in that case she can take help through the head master / head teacher of any nearby school of secondary or higher secondary level. The teacher will help her to open a new bank account so that she can get funds direct on that. In case the girl don’t have the bank account yet she can join the camp mode and can contact to school.

    Eligibility Criteria for Kanyashree:
    The girls’ students want to get the annual scholarship scheme of five hundred rupees she must be having the following things

    Ø Age: The girl student must be having the age from 13 years old to 18 years old for which she need the certificate and proof. In the age proof the student can use the birth certificate issued by the municipality office or through the gram panchayat or she also can used the certificate issued by the head of school / collage where she is having admission.

    Ø Marital Status: Only unmarried girl student can apply for annual scholarship for which she need the declaration by the applicant’s parent / guardian after attesting through the authorized person.

    Ø Educational Qualification: The girl must be having the admission or enrollment in class 8th to 12th or its equivalent course in vocational or technical. The student must be having the admission receipt and attendance report through the head teacher of school collage.

    Ø Income status: The student must be having the complete family annual income of 1.2 lakh rupees with the certificate. In case the girl’s parents are self-employed then they need declaration after attestation through the authorized person. If the girl comes under the PH category or parents are not alive there is no any income limit made by the department.

    The girl who wants to get the one time grant under the kanyashree prakalpa scheme she must have to fulfill the below eligibility criteria:

    Ø Age: The girl must be having the age of 18 years old and having the proof as the birth certificate issued by the municipal corporation or gram pradhan or through the head of educational institution.

    Ø Marital Status: The girl must be having the unmarried marital status till the age of 18 years old for which she required the declaration by the authorized person.

    Ø Educational Qualification: The girl must be having the admission in any educational institution on the regular bases and having the certificate of attendance and admission for it.

    Ø Income Limit: The income limit is also same for the girl she required 1.2 lakh per year from all the sources for whole family for which she needs the certificate issued by the authorized department.

    Application Status for Kanyashree Scheme:
    After submitting the application form the students can check their application status through the below given link. Once the fund is transfer on their bank account they can get the notification through the sms.

    Click Here for Application Status > http://wbkanyashree.gov.in/kp_track_status.php
    In the above given link first you have to select the year then type of scheme, applicant id number and date of birth in DD/MM/YY format. After filling these information enter the security code given on the same page and click to the submit button. Through this way you can check the status of your application form status of kanyashree prakalpa yojana.

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