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    nvsp.in Feed/Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card Online via NVSP National Voters' Service Portal and New EPIC Registration Form 6

    Voter ID card is a very important document. It is not only can be used to cast your vote even you can use it as your photo identification proof official document in any place or government department office, for buying or selling any product, to get any other type of official certificate etc. It is a useful document which contains all information about the cardholder person such as name, address, father's name, and age and passport size photo. This document issued by the chief electoral officer in every state.

    The government is also going to link aadhar card with voter ID card for every state. For linking voter ID card with aadhaar card central government has been started a new website which is known as the national voter's service portal (NVSP). Former President Dr. Abdul Kalam on National Voters Day January 25, 2015 launched the national voter service portal. With the aim to begin providing services to voters is available on the election commissionís (EC) website www.eci.nic.in. Anyone can visit to the website and by clicking on the National Electoral (Voterís) Service Portal can take advantage of it.

    Through it given various services are following:
    @). The website has given the facilities for searching name in the electoral roll / voter id list of all states. Citizens can search the name by the card number or by using their own name.

    @). Also can you get service regarding to submitting their new registration in electron roll for becoming new voter. The application forms are available in Hindi and English both languages which regions can get and after filling it can submit it online.

    @). Facility for making corrections and submitting request for changing any type of information in the voter ID card. Citizens can someone just for changing and making correction suggest name spelling mistakes, wrong address, from photo pasted wrong information etc.

    @). The cardholder person can get the information for his / her polling booth, assembly constituency area and Parliamentary Constituency details online.

    @). The cardholder person can link there are a number / uid number / unique identification card number with the voter ID card. After connecting both of cards the holder person can use single card as the identification proof.

    @). Every state's website chief electoral department has given the link on their official website. The cardholder person can get help and assistance to the audio and video.

    The government of India has decided to celebrate 2014 as the easy registration and modification year. In this complete year the election commission will provide all typesí possible help through the help of IT gadgets to the voters. The chief electoral officer started the process of national electrical roll modification and verification program as per the instruction by election commission of India from the 3rd march 2015. This program is going to run till the 31st July 2015. In this duration voters can connect their voter id card with aadhar card. The citizens who are not having their credit card that can make the registration for including their name in photo electoral list and the citizens having their name twice in the list in the process of modification the department will remove the names.

    Under this process the booth level officer will visit house to house from march 2014 to June 2015. In this process they will verify all the details of every voter. They will also provide new registration / information regarding to making changes or correction so that registered voters can get the process of modification. In this procedure the booth level officer will also take information of mobile numbers and aadhar card number along with the e-mail address of every voter in addition. In case the blo officer found house locked in that case he / she will leave letter for the family members the request to present a nearest office.

    Citizens can also get the process of linking aadhar card with the voter id card through using the sms helpline 51969, toll-free centre's 1950 or by submitting the application form given in chief electoral officer's website. Citizens want to link aadhar card with the voter ID card can also send their application form in the nearest booth level officer, electoral registration officer and to the district electoral officer. If any person having his / her name from more than one electoral roll list he / she has suggested to submit the cancellation request because having two voter id card illegal.

    If any person found having more than one voter ID card then according to the Representation of the People Act 1915 of section 31 the person can get jail punishment for 1 year or fine. For the cancellation of name in electoral roll citizens will have to get form 7 and have to submit in the concerned officer of that particular area where their name is registered. Through the process of linking aadhar card with the voter ID card the problem of choice registration will finish. Also by having the mobile number and e-mail address voters can get notification time for the electron procedures. In the future for the verification process the election commission will use other card of voters.

    The citizens who are not having their voter id card yet can get this facility online through the online official website of National Votersí Service Portal which is also known as the name of NVSP and has the official online website nvsp.in. The online official portal has given the online application for submitting the request for issuance new voter id card / epic / election card for those who just crossed the age of 18 years old and not this yet. This is a document which is not only can be used to cast your vote for your candidate in election apart you can use it for various other purposes such as to get other documents, certificates of income, caste, domicile, ration card etc. and it will work as your official government proof that you are having residence in that particular area / place from which constituency concerned authorized department it has been issued for holder person.

    If you want to include your name in the electoral roll, so for this process you can submit the application online. For this the provision is made by the Election Commission of India (ECI) and facility is provided through the national votersí service portal (nvsp). The commission also started the process to link the aadhar data with the electoral roll from the March month under the National Electoral Roll purification and certification program. This program has main object to verify the voterís data and after this to linking with the electoral roll along with the process of removing name of those voters who are having their name in more than one roll after making those entries. Under this program each state government is also providing the process for making correction in the voter id card after checking all required documents. The chief electoral officer (ceo) of every state is also working for making correction in wrong pasted photo, making more good quality of photo on card and to enter the mobile number along with the e-mail address of voterís in the database of electoral.

    Through this nvsp website the voterís can search their name in voter list of any state. Through this nvsp.in official portal the voters can search their name in list. For the inclusion of new name in any of the electoral roll facility is available on the official website. In addition the citizens also can get the information about their nearest pooling booth / station or booth level officer (blo). The citizens can apply online for making entry of their aadhar card number in the electoral roll database and for making correction in any wrong entry in the epic of holder person. For the correction or to link aadhar data with the roll the citizens can visit to the blo also where all the processes are available.

    How to Submit Request for Inclusion Name in Electoral Roll / How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in Any State
    To apply online for new voter id card citizens have to visit in the official website of www.nvsp.in where the software for submitting application is developed by the national informatics centerís (nic) team. See the below given step by step process to apply for the online epic via national votersí service portal (nvsp) website.

    ū First you have to visit in the official website of nvsp.in where in the home page option is given with the ďApply Online for Registration New UserĒ. Through this option you can get new page of form 6 for the process of inclusion name in the electoral roll of any state. You also can click direct to the below given link to reach in this form 6 now.

    ū After getting the application form you need to fill it with the complete information. You have to give the details about you and about complete true information. See the below given details which you all have to fill in the online application form 6 to get the new voter id card in any of the state.
    • Fill your name in English language in first box
    • Write your surname / last name in the second box
    • Fill your regional name (if any) in next section
    • Select your gender from given list of male / female
    • Enter your date of birth according to 1 Jan 2015
    • Now select your state / district / village and fill birth place name
    • In next fill your fatherís / motherís / husbandís name with surname
    • Give the complete details of your present ordinary address
    • Fill the information of other family memberís voter id card
    • Attach the required documents as photo, id proof and address proof
    • Fill the complete declaration form in the next section

    ū After filling the complete application form you have to click on the submit button. Through this you can send your request for issuance new voter id card in your stateís ceo department. Now the BLO will contact you or after searching nearest you can visit to the polling station. Here to the blo you have to carry your passport size photo along with the address proof and id proof.

    ū After the verification of document the blo will provide you acknowledgment slip. Now he / she will send your request to the higher level office person. After the complete process you can receive your voter id card in your home address or by visiting in the blo office you can collect it by yourself.

    How to Link / Feed Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card Online
    For feeding your aadhar card or linking it with the voter id card you have to visit in the same official website page of nvsp.in where in the home screen you can see the option of ďFeed Your Aadhar NumberĒ. After clicking on this option you can get the new page in the below given link. Visit to the below link to reach in the section of feeding aadhar card direct.

    Click Here for Linking Aadhar with Voter ID > http://electoralsearch.in/?feedaadhaar
    In the above given link page you have to enter first your name according to the aadhar card, then the voter id card number along with the aadhar card number and mobile number. You also can provide you e-mail address to department for communication in future. After filling these information click to the submit button and your data will feed with your voter id card now.

    Here I had provided you complete information to apply for new voter id card and linking your aadhar with the voter id card. But apart from these information if you need any type of more help you can contact to the departmentís helpline number 1950. If you are not happy with the services provided by this website or not able to submit your application you can submit your complaint in http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/ website.

    For more types of services by the National Votersí Service Portal (NVSP) procedures stay Ė tuned and keep visiting on our website!

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    Mohamed noorullah
    Aaddhar link

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    Ecilink csd1910207 402979908884

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    Ecilink csd1910207 402979908884

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    Ecilink tn191220087205 425112211475

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    Hansi district hisar haryana. How can I link adhar

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have applied New Voter ID Card online but I don't know how to check its status? Please Help me

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    Naam me gadbad hai

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    Dear Sir, My name should be Ajay kumar chelak but it was wrong printed in card It is Ajay kumar chelk hSo please tell me how to make correction in it through NVSP

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    Aadhaar 530523005317 identity card iyro446658 please link it

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