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    Karnataka: Income Certificate How to Apply for Annual Income Required Documents and Application Form Download

    Economic research institute said in a study that the upper castes, scheduled castes, tribes and other backward classes income disparity is not due to the castes category apart from that it has the main reason of urbanization and education. According to the statistic of by the national council of applied economic research institute in 2004-2005 eight percent of the total populations are scheduled tribes (ST). 5.2 per cent of total national income goes to them. Similarly, the total population of Scheduled Caste (SC) number of 16.8 per cent, while their share in national income of the country is 11.8 per cent. On the other hand, the share of national income to 41 per cent OBC population is 37.7 per cent. High caste population is 34.1 per cent of the total population, while 45.4 per cent of the country's national income goes to them. The ST average annual family income is Rs 40 753 and the upper castes income is 86 690 per annum.

    According to the report of Rajesh Shukla, Sunil Jain and Preeti Kakkar “the caste in a different mold” the urbanization caused and education is the biggest reason for difference in income. Jain said that the people of various ethnic groups on the basis of differences in income support, reservations, they will not consider that education and urbanization, which makes the difference. Political parties are divided over caste census. The case has been referred to the Group of Ministers. The study states that the average income in rural areas is Rs 51 922 annually. It is 80217 rupees in small towns and 115253 rupees in big cities. 89.9 per cent of the ST family lives in rural areas, such as ST families have low income families.

    Similarly around 77 percent of SC families are living in rural areas while the figure is higher castes is 58.8 percent. In terms of education the study is that uneducated families earning 23 886 per annum, while Graduates can earn the 117844 rupees per annum family income. According to the study, only 12.1 per cent of ST families are graduates while the 34.4 per cent figure is higher caste. The study found that low income states having average annual income of Rs. 51118 while the high income states figure is Rs. 89288 annual. Because 53.9 per cent of the ST family live in low-income states, such as their income is low. On the other hand, 32 per cent higher caste people live in these states. Because of this income is too high for upper caste families.

    Report for Income Ratio in Karnataka
    Jharkhand and Bihar in terms of income per capita is the most poor. Due to the lower sources of income for the workforce migration continues in Jharkhand. According to a report from Jharkhand are migrating to cities each month from 35 thousand girls. Recently, several girls from Jharkhand working as a maid in metros case came to light. According to a report Maharashtra is in top in terms of income per capita but the Punjab is in terms of prosperity. Punjab agriculture is rich in terms of Madhya Pradesh is worst performer in term s of prosperity. Huge disparities in can be seen in Andhra Pradesh. According to the report Punjab has highest numbers of home while in Jharkhand is much higher homeless ratio.

    Due to tourism in Kerala is very rich. Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat's growth rate is much higher due to the prosperity of these states. Most people in these states are having car, mobile and computer etc. According to the report, governance and growth has grown rapidly in Gujarat and the prime ministerial candidate of BJP Narendra Modi’s model is quite effective. Kerala and Punjab also have less inequality. While Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand prosperity are significantly reduced here. In these states most of the peoples are not having much property and house. Gurgaon has emerged the prosperity of cities where property is one of five min at home. Chennai is the highest prosperity. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Patna and Raipur prosperity is significantly reduced. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala is sliced ​​from other states of the country and the MP is increasing growth in the state's prosperity.

    Top five states in terms of prosperity Punjab, Kerala, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat having their places while in below order Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal are standing. In the case of equality in the first five states of Kerala, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand have best place. In the middle of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, p. Bengal, Tamil Nadu states are sitting. While per capita income in the first five states of Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Kerala while Below Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand final ranks. The country's seven states, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra has a large population of tribal and they subsist occurs in the wild. In these state the tribe migrations are increased due to the food and living place. In these states numbers of tribes are increasing who are living with full wages.

    Jharkhand has increased the number of full-time workers. The peoples of MP migration are due to the work in large scale apart from the other states. This figure is not available with the government. Nearly six million agricultural workers in these states are close to 15 million non-agricultural laborers. Between 2001 and 2011, the number of agricultural workers has increased by 35 percent. Overall, 48 percent are agricultural laborers. There is such decline records have been noted in the numbers of agricultural workers in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and along with the in Jharkhand. In these states, the number of agricultural workers declined by 15 percent.

    The highest number of agricultural workers has risen in Rajasthan. Fourteen hundred percent hike in a decade. The displacement of large number of people due to the industrialization in Jharkhand. In Rajasthan, the percentage of full-time workers in 2001 was 14 which increased now till 24 percent in 2011. In Jharkhand which was 31 percent in 2001 to 39 percent in 2011.

    How to Get Income Certificate in Karnataka State
    The official website of Karnataka state http://www.karnataka.gov.in/ has the made section to download the applications online through their section of e-Forums. This section provides all kinds of minority’s related e-forms online. The candidates who want to apply for the income certificate will need to get the application form first and after that have to submit in the concerned department office. The form submission process is available through the nearest tehsil / taluka office, SDM – sub district magistrate, Municipal Corporation, municipality office along with the village areas panchayat offices.

    All the registration forms are given by the department of Karnataka minorities Development Corporation limited. All the forms are given in PDF file which you can download and can take printout. The same process to download the application form has given through the Revenue Department also. The dept has the authorization for the registration of all kinds of documents and certificates as marriage certificate, income certificate etc. under the registration Act 1908. Here the citizens can get the certified copies of their certificates and all kinds of documents.

    However the power has given to the tehsildar for the issuance of all kinds of income certificate for which it takes twenty one working days. Candidates can also visit to the assistant commissioner where they are able to collect the certificate within fifteen days only and in same working days at the deputy commissioner. First you have required some important documents before going to submit your application form.

    Required documents for income certificate –
    • Income proof / salary slip / bank statement etc.
    • Age proof / school leaving certificate / birth certificate
    • Address proof / ration card / bank passbook / passport
    • ID proof / voter id card / driving license / aadhar card
    • Passport size photos to affix in the application form
    • If belongs to the minority community then caste certificate

    Candidates have to get all the documents in the attested through the gazetted officer / central government officer / state government officer. After that get the application form through clicking the below given page and download it.

    Name:  kar income certificate .jpg
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    After taking printout of registration page fill the application with your complete and required information i.e. name, father’s name, complete postal address (permanent address), present address, annual income details etc. Then the tehsildar will make sing on it and provide you after 21 days. You will receive the notification or can come and collect by yourself through the office. If you need more help visit to the nearest tehsil office or contact to the revenue department office.

    For more help submit your query in Ask Question section or submit comment below in Reply to Thread option. You also can mail us in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com.

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    income certificate

    does vamshavruksha is compulsary for ic

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    What document required to get Income certificate Karnataka

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    Saba taskeen,

    please tell me the procedure of issuance the income certificate. what all i have to do for applying the certificate online.

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    If a governament employee is group-a officer and his income is below the fixed income can he get the income certificate for his children study reservation

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    I want income certificate within 2 days how can I get it plz help

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    Sir my is vijayan.e.i want argent income certificate.h ow can I apply

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    Income certificate new

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    go to ur reginal nad kacheri and attested it from revenue section and give it for further process

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    I lost my certificate and not having number of that what to do?

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